City slickers

With legal eagles and awesome accountants, we’re well-stocked with professional services experts who bring fresh expertise and guide our growth. These folks offer unique perspectives on the financial services industry, helping us forge the direction of clients’ businesses and that of our agency as well.

Yvonne Maher

Yvonne is a Director in London focusing on integrated communications and marketing. Specialising in strategy and planning, she loves getting under the skin of client’s issues or opportunities; this could be launching a new FS product, profiling executives or rebranding a company. She thrives on coming up with ideas and making sure solutions they are delivered on time. A busy mum of two, Yvonne likes to have power breakfasts (the new lunch) at the Ned @ bank, coffee @ the royal exchange) and cocktails at south place hotel. There are always deals to be done in the city.

Benjamin Thiele-Long

Benjamin was a barrister for seven and a half years practicing criminal and regulatory law, specifically white-collar crime and financial regulation enforcement and compliance. He has a mixture of agency and in-house experience working with a variety of professional and financial services firms, and has worked on a range of corporate and consumer campaigns including on an international space project. A former cathedral chorister, in his spare time he runs his own chamber choir.

Robert Ratcliffe

An Account Executive at Cognito, Robert holds a bachelors degree in Politics from Newcastle University as well as a law degree. He worked at Maltin PR for two years where he specialised in raising the profile of professional services companies, including law firms and accountancy firms.