A day in the life


As an Associate Director, I oversee several client accounts. The work is continually varied and stimulating, ranging from getting on the phone and pitching clients to trade and business press, to organizing a roundtable event, writing a new business pitch presentation. Each day is different and thoroughly rewarding – in the fast-paced market that we operate in, and with clients demanding truly integrated campaigns, I find that my to-do list quickly changes with every hour.

My Working Day

8:30am – Arrive in office, grab a bowl of porridge and a coffee. Flick through the FT and scroll through Hootsuite. Draw up a priority list and respond to emails from the Singapore team, regarding one of my international clients. Send over some media opportunities that have come in overnight from the NYC FT capital markets team.

9:15am – Daily meeting with the rest of the office. We discuss client activity, and often bring in the Singapore team via video link for APAC perspectives.

10:00am – A global client’s CEO is coming to London in a few weeks. The team spends time devising the strategy for this, identifying which media we might target for an Editorial board. We work on some of the complicated Q&A, as well as top line message planning.

11:15am – Sit in on a client media interview with a reporter at Bloomberg News. The client will be releasing some research on the impact of the Foreign Transaction Tax on British banking and we’ve secured a pre-briefing with a member of their exchanges team.

12:00pm – Check a client’s Hootsuite account, to confirm all the scheduled tweets are being delivered and if there have been any interactions. Print out some of the main analytics to show them at our meeting tomorrow. Send over a recent article on legal implications of Dodd-Frank to a client to see if they have any views.

1:00pm – Grab a sandwich and respond to first flurry of emails that have come in after New York awakens…

2:00pm – Weekly planning call with one of our largest clients, where we also discuss the logistics of their annual FX Summit and the best way to maximize their executive’s time on-site.

3:00pm – Some news of a convertible bond transaction with one of our clients comes in – the first round of pricing is due to be completed by the time US markets close. We refresh a media list of reporters covering this space and plan to hit the phones first thing.

4:30pm – I go through notes from a recent messaging session we conducted with a new client and begin drafting a set of five key messages which will be used in all external outreach to the press.

5:00pm – Finalize the plans with the research client, and discuss the next day with the internal team. Then sit down to sketch out a plan for a business pitch we have in two weeks. The pitch team and I discuss the structure, story and other creative ideas to bring the presentation to life.

6:30pm – Draft the next day’s to-do list (this will change), and head out for the evening. Keep an eye on the phone for some approved quotes to come through from a client based in San Francisco.