The travels of a Cognition

A career at Cognito has afforded me many great opportunities but none more so than globetrotting.  Since starting in 2014, I have been fortunate to travel to eight different countries, providing me with the chance to interact with my fellow Cognitions, different clients and international media.


Amsterdam – In November 2017, I spent the week in the capital of the Netherlands visiting one of our newest offices and meeting the team there. I was also there for my client WBR who organised the Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit taking place at the iconic Beurs Van Berlage building.

Paris – In April 2017, I travelled to the French capital for the WBR-hosted event, TradeTech. During the trip, Cognito hosted a luncheon with some of our French-based clients to discuss the marketing communications landscape. As a traditional FinTech hub, Cognito has always had a strong client base in Paris and as a result, Cognito employees are given the chance to take French lessons.

Barcelona – Before moving to Amsterdam, the Fixed Income Leaders Summit took place in Barcelona. In October 2015 I ran media relations for the event, helping secure journalist attendance at the event.

Dublin – Cognito’s famed employee conference, ‘Cognicon’ is one the most rewarding aspects of working for this company. In December 2015, it was Dublin’s turn to host Cognito employees from around the world. There is no better chance to learn about what it means to be a Cognition than at Cognicon and the lively culture of Dublin acted as the perfect backdrop.

New York – Cognito ensures cross region collaboration and Cognitions are given the opportunity to spend time in different offices around the world. It was great spending time with my American colleagues, learning about their clients and increasing my understanding of the US media landscape.

Copenhagen – In 2016, the renowned FinTech conference, Money 20/20, arrived in Europe in the Danish capital. As well running the media relations for conference organisers, Cognito had a significant number of clients present at the lively conference.

Brussels – I have been fortunate enough to travel to the Belgium capital a number of times to see numerous clients. Most recently in December 2017, a small team visited our new client, B-Hive, a FinTech collaboration platform, to run a planning workshop. Aside from that, we also learned of the complexity of taking a train back to the city….

Geneva – Cognito has a long-standing relationship with Sibos, the largest banking conference in the world, for which we are the official communications agency for. In 2016, it was Geneva’s turn to host and the picturesque backdrop of Lake Geneva and the Alps proved a more than fitting location for this prestigious conference.

I’m not the only Cognition to rack up the air miles, some of my colleagues have had the opportunity to travel such as places as Frankfurt, Reykjavík, India, Dubai and even Jersey!

By Sam Barber, Account Manager